Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Life In There

Life In There, originally uploaded by Torment Tea.

It was new, it was fun. It was a great place, a lot of great people who I still know and love. The place may die but our spirit will live on.

Chillin at the beach

Chillin at the beach, originally uploaded by Torment Tea.

Playing lifeguard and just chilling. is closing

The Chess Game, originally uploaded by Torment Tea.

We got the word that There is closing. Here is some memories of it. Playing cards. Spades is a great game and was made even greater by There.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Taking a Sabbatical

I'm putting this on hold for a bit, because my SLife is on hold too. I just don't feel like playing. I have however been working on the business and will start keeping that blog up more. So check it out. *Kisses*

Friday, February 20, 2009

Nothing is Sacred

Nothing is sacred any more. Used to be when you had a role playing community that the theme was the theme, period. If you were RPing Gor, then it was Gor. If you were RPing Firefly then that's exactly what it was. Today or maybe I should say in SL today the RP is not pure. I bet if I went to the RP worlds where they allow for deviations like StarTrek or one of those where the universe is the limit I'd be hard pressed to find the garbage that lives in the other RPs.

People get mad at the Gor community for banning furries. Yet there were none in that world. Period. If you're going to RP Gor then no furries. It's simple. Now you might ask why I am on this soap box now. Well it's this. I went through the Firefly worlds last night. I was very disappointed. There were so many who either had the names of the original characters (I have always thought that was the tackiest thing you could possibly do when RPing a world, not to mention completely unoriginal) and/or they were NOT human. I reviewed the entire series again and reread all the comments by Joss himself about how they have no aliens in his world. This includes mutant fairies and nekos.

WHY do you have to accomodate those people in RP worlds where they do not exist? WHY do they INSIST on exisiting in the first place? I mean when I go into an RP world to RP in it, I do the research. I learn about that world and what it has and doesn't have and it would never occur to me to try to introduce something in it that simply did not exist within that world's context unless I could come up with a believable reason for that type of character. A plethora of nekos does not the Blue Hand make.

I have to learn to speak Spanish in my own country.
I have to accomodate blind people on the web.
I have to allow furries and idiots into my RP world where none are supposed to exist.
learn my language,
make pages I would like,
and worlds that I can RP in where the world is like it is written,
NOT how idiots want to write themselves into it.

I know we could learn Chinese but OH LOOK! They've learned English!

It's the nature of open public RPs is all. In the olden days just after dinosaurs walked the earth, we played in small closed worlds with acutal rules based on the theme it was adapted from, with a game master to rule over oddities and the occassional lapse into being politically correct.

You almost feel bad for the creators of these worlds when people insist on bastardising them in the name of equality or whatever.

The world is NOT politically correct, especially when it's one made up for a movie or a book series - get over it.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Hottest Male Avatar of 2008

I should note that my friend Bone won The Hottest Male Avatar of 2008: Bone Mosten and as a result was featured in the New World Notes Blog. Check him out! YAY Boner!!

You can also read his latest article for Second Style Magazine called Peacocking in SL and his own blog at BONED.

Valentine's Day

Valentines day this year was wonderful. I went dancing with my friend Q and another friend Gunner on a different day. I gave a skypad valentine to most of my friends. I was upbeat and happy (first time in years for this day). Took Sin out poseball shopping which was a lot of fun, he's so sexy.

I've also been taking a look at the Firefly/Serenity RP in SL. There's a lot of towns/ships and worlds to explore in it. A lot to do and a lot of variety. It should be exciting.

Monday, January 26, 2009

More, more, more!

Yesterday was such a great day. You have any idea how long it's been that I've had such a good day like yesterday in SL? I won't say why completely or who all the people were who made it so fun but I just wanted to write somewhere that it was a fab day.

Oh I also got the high round score on Greedy Greedy, YAY! I hung out with my SLbrother for a bit. I talked for a long time with Ken. My SLstep-son is feeling better. Oh and I applied to dance somewhere. Just for grins.

Today I'm going to start boxing stuff that I have and figuring out what graphics I need for it.